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Logging in is Optional - you don't have to login but here are just some of the benefits

  • Save Time and View only those properties that meet the criteria that you gave me (I can change the criteria if you like)
  • Save your favorites (just click on the little smiley faces next to the price-on the left and it becomes a remembered favorite)
  • Schedule a Showing (click on the icon that looks like a calendar above the address)
  • Make notes on each listing (click on the icon that looks like a notepad above the address)
  • Create your own Searches (click on New Search; enter your criteria, click on save and name your search)

If I've been sending you emails then you probably already have a login, it's probably your name or your name with no space, e.g. John Smith or JohnSmith. Unfortunately passwords were automatically genereated so I don't know your password. On the next screen there is an option to have the password sent to you. Once logged in you can change your password. If you're new to this website feel free to use the sign up option on the next screen.

Once logged in you'll see SEARCHES that I have saved for you (you can create your own too!). There are also CARTS that contain specific listings that you're watching. If you click on one of the searches you'll see all of the properties that match the search criteria. You can create NEW SEARCHes if you like or I can create a new search for you. When I create a search for you I can be more specific about the criteria (i.e. Must have fireplace, or garage etc.) so feel free to ask me.

When viewing listings you can click on one of the smiley faces to put the listing in either the Favorites, Possibilities or Rejects Carts.

You can choose the 'Write a message to Keith Wolf' link to send me a message if you like.

Here is your contact information - it's actually better if you email me any changes and I'll make the updates here and in our other systems.

*** HELP ***
When you login you'll be in something the MLS calls a "Portal" into the MLS system. Click here for a PDF version of help or click here for a short video describing the portal (I find the video more helpful).

Feel Free to contact me with any questions, comments or suggestions!




The login will open in a new separate window so you can continue to search the website and keep your login window open simultaneously.

If you don't know your login name or password just click on the "Password not working?" on the next screen and your login name and a password will both be quickly emailed to you.